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New light and new colours in the village of El Astillero in Colombia

El Astillero, Colombia
SanaExpert GmbH
External Project

New light and new colours in the village of El Astillero in Colombia

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SanaExpert is a nutritional supplement company that provides wellness to its customers. To achieve the well-being of all people, we want to be active at all the forefronts: sustainability, solidarity and love for our neighbours. We helped a small village in Colombia, which filled us with great delight and satisfaction to experience the joy of the children and the gratitude of their families.


The village of El Astillero

The village of El Astillero is located at San Antonio de Prado in Medellìn. This village consists of 58 families full of dreams, joy, love, and utmost dedication to their work. Their days are spent mainly amid the mountains surrounded by the flora and fauna of the forest.

El Astillero is indeed an isolated village, and for this reason, it is almost impossible to have a stable cellular signal with no possibility to create a fixed connection line for the telephone. This situation has always isolated the residents of El Astillero from the world. However, with the Covid-19 pandemic, things had gotten worse. When everything went virtual, the children suffered the most because of the lack of internet connection, and unfortunately, the parents had to seclude the children from education and take them to work in the fields.  The community centre where the kids gathered, attended school and carried recreational activities was enormously affected by the humidity, and hence it deteriorated significantly.


A New Light

SanaExpert joined forces with other companies to transform the village of El Astillero into a better place. For this project, we collaborated with the IMUSA - SAMURAI Foundation, "Taller de Sueños", the organization Soñar Despierto, the Pintuco Foundation, and the LFS Foundation. We worked jointly with the villagers starting with cleaning and pruning the lawn. The tiles were changed, the walls were repaired and painted. With each new brushstroke, the centre of El Astillero came to life and was coloured with joy.

After the renovation of the school, we installed digital devices which allowed the children to attend school. Homes were supplied with food for the whole family, new cooking utensils, and we surprised the children with a new school kit of coloured notebooks and pens. Lastly, we also donated essential vitamins and micronutrients for the proper development of the brain system and memory to allow everyone to grow at their best and with many dreams to come true.

We helped improve the quality of life for the families and gave them a decent place to share their days. We are proud that we were able to bring happiness and education to the children of our future.  Together we managed to generate a positive impact in this community, and we filled it with dreams. We have brought the village of El Astillero back to life so that its inhabitants can continue to grow and make the impossible dream come to a new light.