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Second Biogas project in Nepal

SanaExpert GmbH
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Second Biogas project in Nepal

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We have successfully installed two Biogas projects in a rural community in Nepal!
The farmers in the local community sustain their livelihood through selling their organic food in the market. The Bioslurry from the Biogas is used as manure for their crops, and most importantly, the women do not need to go through rugged terrain to collect firewood. This has freed them from the burden of the strenuous task, providing them time for other activities. Currently, there are 18 adults and 14 kids who live in the household, sharing the benefits of the Biogas.

We believe in giving back to the community, and SanaExpert has been able to do that by exposing these individuals to alternate and provide safer and healthier means of living. With their newfound knowledge, the local community is enthusiastic and highly involved in sustaining the project!