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Spring Clean Swap campaign

Munich, Germany
SanaExpert GmbH
19 April - 23 April 2021
In-House Project

Spring Clean Swap campaign


From April 19th to April 23rd 2021, our colleagues made generous donations.

Our focus – “Clothes”. Just like food and shelter, clothing has been deemed a necessity and is used in everyday life. Over time, clothing turned into fashion, which became a part of our identity. However, due to the rise in fast fashion, the clothing industry has an eerily harmful impact on our environment. For example, 2,000 gallons of water is needed to make ONE pair of jeans, and every second, the equivalent of one garbage truck of textiles ends up in a landfill or is incinerated!

The idea of the event was a SWAP. Our colleagues brought in items they would like to give away (clothes, books, jewellery). In return, they swapped half the things with each other, and the rest of the items were donated to CARITAS Munich, a charity we partnered with for this event.

At SanaExpert, we are constantly trying to integrate waste reduction and reusability into our sustainable practices. The sole purpose of our event was to sensitize each other to our own purchases and orient our minds to the essential questions:

What is in our hands? Where does it come from?

We also made a campaign for the event #WhatsInYourHands and encouraged other businesses to take a similar lead. In future, we will be doing a similar event.